Japanese Resources

Japanese websites on learning and using the Japanese language and other interesting stuff

1. Jshoppers - http://www.jshoppers.com
A great online shopping portal with direct access to the latest Japanese fashion straight from Japan from my team.

Buy mens' clothes, women fashion , shoes, belts and many more.

The site has its contents translated to English and Chinese too. Buy as if you were in Japan from the comfort of your home. We highly recommend it.

2. Yokoso Japan - http://www.youtube.com/visitjapan
Watch Japan and its scenic spots all on video. Have fun touring Japan online.

3. http://www.japan-guide.com
A really cool website in English on everything about Japan especially travelling in Japan.Weather details, maps, details on travel sites and much much more.

4. http://www.hello-comm.com/
Japanese lifestyle news. There are even free Japanese TV programmes to watch online !!!!

5. http://www.sassou.info/
Interesting Japanese website specialising in online sales of prdoducts from whole of Europe including Eastern Europe.

6. http://web-japan.org/trends/index.html
Visit "Trends in Japan" for the latest trends in Fashion, Food, Pop culture, Lifestyle, Technology in Japan today !

7. http://www.tangoriki.com
An interesting website in Japanese to test your command English words and Japanese vocabulary. It has tests pit at various levels for you to try it out.

Very good for Japanese to learn English and for those learning Japanese to brush up their understanding of Japanese words.

8. Japanese Language Schools in Singapore
• Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore (JCS) Language School - http://www.jcs.com.sg
• Ikoma Language School - http://www.ikoma.com.sg
Do you want to learn Japanese in Singapore ? Japanese Cultural Society (JCS) language school has courses from beginner all the way to advanced courses.

The courses at JCS are popular and not expensive. Ikoma Language School also offers basic to advanced Japanese courses which are all taught by native Japanese teachers.

9. SPACE ALC - http://www.alc.co.jp/
The best FREE online English-Japanese e-dictionary we have come across. Easy to use.Intuitive. Most importantly, its translations are accurate.

It provides many examples of how the translation can be used. This site also contains other useful links to various language sites and study information.

10. JETRO - https://www.jetro.go.jp/en/
Japan external trade organization for more information on trading and investing in Japan.

11. NHK radio webpage - http://www.nhk.or.jp/corporateinfo/
Listen to Japanese broadcasting station reporting news in Japanese. Some contents are in English too.

12. http://www.singaweb.net/bbs/frame.html
13. http://www.mangosteen.com.sg
14. http://www.parti.com.sg
15. www.asiax.biz
Online information and news for Japanese residents staying in Singapore and Japanese visitors. Everything in Japanese from restaurant guides to language schools etc.

16. http://singapore.keizai.biz
Singapore and global news in japanese

17. Japanese themed Shopping Malls in Singapore
Liang Court (www.liangcourt.com.sg) located near Clarke quay houses numerous Japanese clientele like Kinokuniya, Medi-yasupermarket,as well as a basement full of delicious Japanese snacks and foods.

It is indeed a favourite outing for many Japanese and locals. Another Japanese themed Mall is CENTRAL mall

It has several stories housing delicious Japanese restauarants and eateries to cater to your Japanese taste buds.

Do feel free to check out these areas if you have want to experience Japanese cuisine and fashion.

18. www.vpost.com.sg
This website from Singapore Post provides you convenient online bill payment and online shopping for a variety of shops from Japan.